Some puppies stay here longer than others; there's nothing wrong with them.  They are pups that
weren't picked or many of their birthdays fell close together.
They make excellent choices for several reasons.

  1. Their vaccines are always kept up to date and the cost of veterinary visits is gone.
  2. Their body coats are grown in and there are no surprises as to their size or their body styles.
  3. Their immune systems are complete and they are less likely to be at risk of nasty viruses.  They can
    go anywhere with you at this point.
  4. They adjust easily and are ready to train.  They are safer around toddlers and children as they are
    larger and not so fragile.

All o these are fantastic reasons to consider an older puppy.
It is also not true that they do not bond.  Jack Russell's bond at any age.  They are very adaptable.
The age of a Jack Russell has nothing to do with the amount of love they offer you.  They love
unconditionally and adapt almost instantly.  What a deal an older puppy can be!

Thank you very much,

Butterball Kennel

Butterball Kennel reserves the right to refuse to sell a Jack Russell Terrier puppy or a Golden Retriever
puppy if we feel it is not in the best interest of the animal.