Welcome to our adoption page.  This list consists of primarily female jacks being retired from
breeding.  Many of these dogs have been with us since birth and it is extremely important that we
find them suitable homes where they will be loved and cared for.  We have initiated an ADOPTION
CONTRACT for the overall well being of these individual dogs.  An adoption fee is required upon
acceptance of your application.  We feel that this will be beneficial in finding homes that take this
adoption more seriously.
All dogs will be spayed or neutered prior to leaving Butterball and it is included in the adoption fee.

Keep in mind that when you adopt a pet, you are adopting a
new family member! The adoption
process is no different than if you came to Butterball to purchase a puppy.  
In some cases I may waive the adoption fee depending on the situation.  BUT after a recent
incident, I feel I must reiterate on a few important points.  These are God's creatures! They are
living, breathing, loving animals that want to become part of
your family.
Do not take adoption lightly!  I require recommendations and a vet to contact.  Keep in mind that
pets require many needs just as children do.  There are monthly medical expenses and food that
must be provided.  There can also be the unexpected! Medical emergencies for instance! DO NOT
purchase nor adopt if you are not prepared to be a responsible owner! Thank you and God Bless!
BBF Sue Bee Mine was born 3/19/2010. She was born and raised here at Butterball. Her momma was BBF Sue Bee & her
father is BBF Daryl. She is a sweet girl but cautious around strangers. She is a fighter and I would not recommend her to a
home with other female jacks with her alpha personality. However she gets along great with male jacks. Also, with her
cautious nature, I would not recommend her to a home with small children. I think she would be great for a retired couple or
single older individual.  Her adoption fee is set at $200 which will include spaying & a health certificate from our vet with a
new set of vaccines prior to going home with you. She is also microchipped.
BBF RATCHETTS FIRST FINALE~~Finale is a bigger girl; she is a full long haired rough coat. Her hair is shorter in these
photos taken 2/15/2018 only because I did a horrible job hand stripping her several months back.  She is very outgoing for
an older jack and will get along wonderfully with a male in my opinion. Even though she gets along with the majority of my
females, she does tend to want to be the dominant one therefore I feel she will be best suited for a home with a male in it
as a companion.  She may be a little shy and hesitant at first but I feel after making the transition into her new home, she
will relax and become part of the family. Her birthday is April 3, 2010.
BBF ROSEBUDS ANNIE OAKLEY~Annie is by far one of my favorite females. I think it is because I've never seen her have a "bad"
day; she always appears to be very happy and playful no matter what she's doing or who she's with.  She's a thicker female and
hasn't had very many litters.  Overall she is in great shape with the exception wearing down her front teeth entirely. But as you can
see, it has not effected her eating habits. LOL She is super sweet and I know she would make a fantastic family dog and would
absolutely adore you to no end! Annie was born November 22, 2010.
BBF A MAJESTIC ECLIPSE~Maggie, like most of our Butterballs, was born and raised right here on our farm. She is a bit on the shy side
at first but with time, will quickly warm up to you. She has been an incredible dam and has produced many incredible puppies including
several daughters that we currently have here at Butterball. She deserves a wonderful retirement home and honestly I think she would be
great for a quieter retired couple. Maggie was born October 26, 2009.
BBF A LITTLE BIT OF SAMPSON~Jackie is a real sweetheart. She doesn't have a mean bone in her and she gets along extremely
well with other dogs.  She has a wirey coat with some wave in it.  She would make an incredible family pet in my opinion. She's had
relatively few litters and is in excellent health. Jackie's date of birth is December 16, 2010.