Answers to questions you may be wanting to ask.
Please read this in it's entirety .  You might not agree with some of it but remember we are
all different.

Jack with YOUR COURIER SERVICE is a caring and reliable courier who works with our customers for their shipping needs.
When shipping puppies, we must be flexible because of pending weather conditions.  The airline will always have the final say
therefore shipping dates are never guaranteed.  Regardless, we will always do our best to ship on your requested date. Generally if
Delta is used, your puppy will be shipped collect.  If Continental is used, prepaid airfare is required.   Overall our puppies ship very
well with minimal to no stress whatsoever.  If they did not ship well, I would NOT ship via air!  
Pricing is usually a number that comes into my head when I look at a puppy and determine whether this is an unusually different
puppy.  The rough coated puppies are harder to come by and much different than the smooth coated puppies.  I am always asked
which I like the most and I don't like to answer that question because the fact is the puppy is going to be yours and you should be
happy with your choice.
Generally the rough coated pups will be the more expensive followed by the broken coats and then the smooth
The coats very from dog to dog.  There are full short, medium and long rough coated dogs.  The rough coats have longer hair than
the smooth coated dogs.  The broken coated dogs have smooth hair somewhere on their body along with the longer hairs
throughout making them a "broken coat."  Now some dogs can look smooth coated but in fact have a thick mane down the
middle of their back or can be smooth with whiskers like old men.  Being positive what type of coat a puppy will have is not
100%.  If you have bred these dogs long enough, you will not stake your life on a coat length!
Attitude and personality in Jack Russell's can make all the difference in the world as to whether they can go out and make you
proud or instead make you want to hide them in a trunk somewhere.  
I pride myself on the personalities and attitudes I have bred
into my dogs.
 I must say that attitudes can be effected by the number of JRT's you have out together at one time along with the
male vs. female ratio.  Unless you are a breeder or your yard is designed where dogs can be divided up; I would strongly advise no
more than two Jack Russels at a time and preferably the opposite sex.  Please spay or neuter your pups when they reach the
appropriate age.  Again, please heed my warning when I say that more than 3 JRT's can mean trouble.  Females can get contrary
and fights will break out that could result in injury or even death to another.  Breeding JRT's like many other dogs can be a hard
lesson to learn.
Your new puppy will have his or her vaccines kept current until the time they leave the kennel.  From that point, it is your
responsibility to continue with the vaccines unless they are complete.  This may be an added burden for you and must be
considered with the cost of raising the puppy.  Vaccinations are imperative and if left undone can cause your puppy's life to be in
danger.  Be sure you figure the vet bills in with your decision to purchase a puppy.  The cost of the puppy is only the first step in
the overall cost of maintaining a dog.  Also be sure to use heartworm preventative and flea control monthly.
There is a time when the mother dogs are retiring from their first job and are ready to be placed in loving, responsible homes.  We
have decided to started an adoption page for these dogs and we do require an adoption agreement an adoption fee.  We take
great measures when placing our retired dogs and will only place them in veterinarian approved homes.  If you think that a
retired dog would be the perfect addition to your family, then please by all means check out our adoption page.
Last but certainly not must give dog love!  If you are not willing to hug your dog like your children, wife, or husband,
then my dogs aren't for you.  Kisses are optional but hugs are a must!
I love having visitors!  I enjoy showing off my dogs and talking dog stuff.  I enjoy people who enjoy dogs, therefore your visit is
always the highlight of my day.  I don't just sell a dog; I am giving to you an extension of myself.  Each dog goes with a part of my
heart.  My dogs are my passion and seeing the expression in your eyes as you see the dog that grabs your heart strings and fills
your needs gives me a satisfaction that this is what it is all about!  Anyone who comes here can see that I have spared no expense
in creating an environment for each dog.  I invite your to come visit and if you cannot do so your always welcome to visit if your
ever get in my neck of the woods.

Thank you so much and God bless you!
Remember...myopinion is solely mine and should not reflect on  anyone but me.