I love her sooo much. I would love to send you a current picture of
Hope all is well."
Denise, David, Jimmy, Isabelle and Jake
"I bought "Penny" I changed her name to Sophie and will send some
Jacqueline Anderson
almost never barks and since we live in a condominium this is great.  Bingo
will sits at the open window and watch neighbors walk past, every morning
She stops traffic during our walks.  Not to mention she is quite the swimmer! 24/7.  
She stops traffic during our walks.  Not to mention she is quite the swimmer! (no
teaching needed!)  Her dermatologist said she's "mellow" for a Jack and we appreciate
dermatologist doing allergy shots to help with her itchiness; the trees.  
Joei Yau & David Johns
Owned by Mr. & Mrs. John Caldwell of Florida
Owned by Nash Galster of California
Name:  Amber aka Emily (Pictured Above)
Owned by Kathy Chuen of New York
Owned by Jodi Gray of Butterball kennel
Resides in Alabama
Owned by Vicki Watts of Colorado Jacks
Dam:  BBF Rosebud
Owned by Billy Gray of Butterball kennel
Jodi,  Just wanted you to know how sensational your puppy your mother
the birth of their son.  As though it ever will. . . .Hope all VERY well and
once again, thank you and your mother for allthese joyous dogs!  My best
to both!  Ann
Owned by:
Name:  Little Man
Owned by: Chelsea Buffington
More to follow. First is Imogen who is such a treasure. "
10 inches tall
tan & white
heavy rough coat
Born:  06-22-2009
OFA patella:
PLL DNA: results pending
UKC Jack Russell Terrier
She is very intelligent, obedient and loving.
Thanks again Snook's for sharing your great dogs, your knowledge
and foresight!
Thanks to you we have very straight, correct legs on all of our
Jack Russell's.
"Bandit" is by Butter Ball Farms BBF Buster who is by Short Stop Trevor. Bandit is the
Florida. He is a rough coat that  is conformationally correct with heavy folded eared
and tremendous bone.  Snook is a special lady with more passion for the Jack Russell
Breed in my heart for her. Her cheerful and enthusiastic love for the Jack Russell is
contagious and whenever I would go over to her house it was very hard to leave. If you
have ever had the pleasure of meeting Snooks you know what I mean :) She was
ALWAYS willing to help with whatever question you might have. She is truly a blessing
to me and my kind, gracious, joyful, nice person that you are.
You have truly bettered the Jack Russell Terrier Breed!
Owned by Nicolas Beeson of Oregon
Pedigree includes, BBF, Short Stop and Westerly bloodlines!
She is gorgeous with a personality to match!
Dam:  BBF  Buster
opportunity to see her on Tuesday. So is just a "joy". We are already in
around Yankeetown in my electric car. As you can see, Darlene loves riding
with me.  I will follow up with more photos as Darlene and our adventure
goes further. Thanks again, Susan & Tom Roach"
4/8/2011 Update on Chewie
you how much we all love him!  He is growing up too fast and we are already
planning on getting another one of your puppies when we come to Ocala next
winter.  THANK YOU!!!"
~Jennifer Cole